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A comic of one nonbinary person's ideal public toilet situation; toilet doors with signs of toilets and urinals, rather than the usual male/female symbols.
One nonbinary person's ideal public toilet situation; symbols representing facilities rather than permitted genders.
Public toilets are a potentially dysphoric issue with nonbinary people, as restrooms for able-bodied people are often assigned to male and female, with little to no provision for people who don't fit the gender binary.


How to find non-binary public toilets, and how to handle situations where genderfree toilets aren't available.

  • Refuge Restrooms began with the Safe2Pee crowdsourced database of public toilets that are genderfree and/or accessible. Listings include directions to the restroom and the ability to rate your experience with a restroom. Android and iOS applications are available. "Where did you get all this data?"
  • Safe2pee was formerly described as crowdsourced world map of public toilets but seems to now be a blog on restroom access issues.
  • Transquat was an iOS app with restroom data but it appears to no longer be available. App author's announcement

Commentary on public toilets and gender

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