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The maverique flag that Vesper H. designed in 2014. The yellow stripe represents that maverique isn't derived from female (pink) or male (blue), but its own (a primary color, which can't be derived from any color mix). Some flags for other nonbinary genders use yellow for the same reason. In this flag, white is for independence from the spectrum of other genders (colors), and orange is for an inner conviction.[1][2]

Maverique (mavˈrēk, "mav-REEK;" or mav(ə)ˈrēk "mav-uh-REEK")[3] is a specific nonbinary gender identity "characterized by autonomy and inner conviction regarding a sense of self that is entirely independent of male/masculinity, female/femininity or anything which derives from the two while still being neither without gender nor of a neutral gender."[4] Maverique is not close to a female or male gender, and is not like a mix of them. It also isn't a lack of gender, or an apathetic attitude about gender.[5] Maverique is strictly a gender identity, not a gender expression, so "how a maverique person chooses to express or present themself is entirely up to that individual."[6] Maverique is not an umbrella term, but a specific gender identity.[7]


In 2014, Vesper H. (queerascat) created the word "maverique" to describe their own gender.[8] The word comes from "maverick" and the French suffix "-ique,"[9] and can be used as a noun ("some maveriques") or an adjective ("some maverique people").[10]

In the Nonbinary Stats Survey 2016, 12 respondents identified as maverique.

Difference from other genders

Maverique is similar to, but not the same as, other nonbinary identities such as aporagender[11], neutrois[12], or gendermaverick.[13] Maverique is not a lack of a gender identity, so it isn't the same as agender or genderless. Unlike ethnic nonbinary gender identities such as Two-Spirit and third gender, maverique is not an identity exclusive to any ethnic group.[14] Anyone of any ethnic background can take up the word maverique for themselves, if they feel that it describes them.[15] It's never cultural appropriation.

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