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Welcome to the Wiki is a nonbinary gender visibility, education and advocacy network, arguing for equal access to employment, services and medical treatment for those who don't fit the gender binary.

This wiki is a community edited site collecting information and resources about all aspects of gender outside the binary. Please consider getting involved.

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Nonbinary identities

Identities that fall under the Nonbinary umbrella include, but are not limited to:

  • Agender aka Genderless, Non-gender - Having no gender identity or no gender to express (Similar and sometimes used interchangeably with Gender Neutral and/or Neutrois)
  • Androgyne aka Androgynous gender - Identifying or presenting between the binary options of man and woman or masculine and feminine (Similar and sometimes used interchangeably with Intergender)
  • Multigender aka Bigender, Pangender, Polygender, and Genderfluid (may also include Androgyne) - Moving between two or more different gender identities at different times/situations, Or having more than one gender identity at one time.
  • Gender Neutral aka Neutral Gender - Having a neutral gender identity and/or expression, or identifying with the preference for gender neutral language and pronouns
  • Genderqueer aka Gender Queer - Non-normative gender identity or expression. While genderqueer originated as an inclusive umbrella term, it is also considered by many to be an individual identity.
  • Intergender - Having a gender identity or expression that falls between the two binary options of man and woman or masculine and feminine
  • Neutrois - Belonging to a non-gendered or neutral gendered class, usually but not always used to indicate the desire to hide or remove gender cues
  • Nonbinary aka Non-binary - Identifying with the umbrella term covering all people with gender outside of the binary, without defining oneself more specifically. Is also used as an individual identity in itself. you could be Nonbinary Butch or Nonbinary Femme
  • Transgender - Identifying with the umbrella term covering all gender identities or expressions that transgress or transcend (go beyond the limits of) society’s rules and concepts of gender (Transgender is a wide umbrella term also covering people who hold binary gender identities and expressions but who transgress gender by transitioning between the binary genders).

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