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Agender is often described as Genderless, Non-gender, Gender Neutral, or Neutrois. Agender is an identity under the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. Agender individuals have a neutral gender identity and/or gender expression or none at all. They may simply describe this in terms of having a neutral gender or no gender or as identifying as a person rather than a gender.


Agender as gender identity or lack of gender identity

Some agender people feel that they have no gender identity, while others feel that agender is itself a gender identity. This is similar to and overlaps with the experience of being gender neutral or having a neutral gender identity.

As some agender people have no gender identity, it is important to not talk about nonbinary or transgender people's experiences solely in terms of gender identity.

Difference between terms

There is little consensus over the difference between terms such as agender, genderless, non-gender, gender neutral and neutrois. These terms are often used interchangeably or defined differently by individual writers in ways that do not necessarily match the self definitions of others using those terms.

It is often stated that non-gender or genderlessness is the experience of having no gender identity, while gender neutral or neutrois is the experience of having a neutral gender identity. However these statements do not match the experiences of everyone who has claimed these identities as their own.

Non-gendered as an umbrella term

Some activists, such as Christie Elan-Cane use non-gendered to mean all gender outside of the gender binary. This usage pre-dates the term nonbinary by several years but is considered problematic due to the implication that nonbinary gender identities do not exist or that all nonbinary people are genderless or agender. Nonetheless this usage appears in some official organisations' documents and resources as the term to cover all nonbinary people. This is most common in the United Kingdom, for example throughout the recent UK Government Transgender Action Plan.

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