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Word for certain Gender Identity

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:45 am
by MxJea
There was a gender I once heard of, where you identified partially with the gender assigned to you but only because it was assigned to you. You've lived with it your entire life and after a while your assigned gender just begins to stick, outside of the feeling 'Meh, people have always called me she so I guess that fits' you don't really have a gender.

The term used was 'Cis-genderless'
But I've seen a few people express issue with the name as it implies that the person is 100% cis even though it's closer to cisnormality that causes them to feel that way.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a new name?

My idea is along the lines of Accgender, meaning mostly accepted assigned gender/ accepted gender. Would also have Accboy and Accgirl. Thoughts?