Non-binary looking into joining the US military

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Non-binary looking into joining the US military

Postby Collie » Sat Jun 11, 2016 9:33 pm

Hello all,

I am new here! Let me begin this thread by saying that I don't mind if anybody posts their own questions relating to the topic..

I am currently in my mid-20 years, have only my high school diploma, almost broke, now begging for minimum wage paying job, renting the worst case scenario that I can afford, and the only way out that I can see is the military, after avoiding that path for so long. (the only being that there is no non-binary division to my knowledge)

It should be noted that I have 2 DUIs, (I am not going to bother to go into detail about this).

My question was: Is there room for someone like me in the US military? Of course I will speak with a recruiter, however I wanted to ask those familiar with the community. I am born male and currently identify non-binary. HRT is a factor as well.
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