Dysphoria in a country where you have to have a gender

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Dysphoria in a country where you have to have a gender

Postby scar12346 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:24 pm

My problem is this, I am not accepted.
There is nothing wrong with me feeling like me, but I guess people are against it.
I don't have that bad of a dysphoria but my breasts.. they just have to go. I am identified as a female at birth, I have nothing against my vagina, but the breasts are too much. I cannot get a breast surgery, not yet, I am 15 and money shall be a problem, well this and the fact that I might get kicked out, so like a lot of people in my situation I went to binding.. hiding of course but still, binding. Yeah, I cannot get binders since getting one shall mean spending about 40 euros (about 80 in my country's currency) and I have to order it in a way where it won't be seen by my mother. There are sites of free binders.. for America and other big countries.. but that won't work. So I went to the thing that other non-binary people in my country do- Elastic bandages. And I've read A LOT of how bad ACE bandages are.. but.. are they the same? I wore it today, and while it was weird to have it since it was my first time binding and I had to put it on in the shopping centre's toilets (in the female because there are no gender-neutral ones.. anywhere and I already got beaten once in a male one) and I just.. put it there xD It says medium compression on the box, if that helps, but generally while I did feel a little lost of breath nothing seemed painful. It didn't move around and it was not tightening when I move. I do sing in a choir and I will definitely wont use it there, but still.. are those two the same? And if so, what else can I do??
P.S. Two sports bras does not work for me, my boobs just go flying everywhere, one is over the other is somewhere.. there..
P.P.S. I have no clue what my size is but if I put my palms on my breasts I can cover them up.. the size of my hand? pfh.. about the size of Samsung Galaxy s3 when they are closed together... does that give you a clue? XD
Thanks for any further help!
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Re: Dysphoria in a country where you have to have a gender

Postby BlackWingedBelial » Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:40 am

It's been a long time since you posted this, I know, but have you found a solution? Do you have a binder yet? I'd actually be willing to buy you one. I can't buy a binder for /everyone/ that needs one, but I can get one to at least you if you still need it. Having a binder has been liberating for me, so it's something I'd love to share if possible.

I know that gc2b has completely discrete packaging- there's no mention of what's inside or even of gc2b on it anywhere. It's just a plain, ambiguous little envelope. If you take up my offer and you're concerned your mom would look inside, I could reship it to you hidden in something else. I don't know what, but we could figure it out! :P
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