Sleep Talking...

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Sleep Talking...

Postby CaptainProme » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:53 am

.4% of the UK defined non-binary given choice in female, male or other 1 in every 250 people likely higher phrased in terms of man/woman
How high can it go if Man/Woman are included.
5% sleep talk ...or other people talk thru them during sleep (that definition doesn't exist.)
Is it possible to say, that all non-binaries have had a history of talking in their sleep?
I never knew, but I kind of assumed. I thought it was normal, but I started recording with the Sleep Talk Recorder for Tablets this year.
None of things that I say are me. Could be anybody, male, female or even aliens.
I also reverse the sleep talk, because sometimes the talk is actually clearer.
Do you have any information on sleep talking and if it's a "symptom" of being non-binary?
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