Transgender etiquette primer?

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Transgender etiquette primer?

Postby moonmoth » Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:22 am

I had a great time at a local Transgender Day of Visibility celebration this past weekend. One snag I've hit when talking with the few cisgender people who know I'm nonbinary is that I get questions like "So how many of them were MTF/FTM/etc.? What bodies did the ones you talked with start out with?" and other questions about the people I encountered that range from insensitive to intrusive to downright offensive. I'd like to find a good web resource, written by transfolk, to share with those people so they can understand why speculating on those items is none of my business, why all I am entitled to go on is what the people I talk with choose to share, and why subjecting members of my community to such scrutiny is problematic.

Anybody know of any good ones? So far, I've come closest with this one, particularly the "Not your grandmother's Trans 101" page that's linked there. While it points out that many of the things I've been getting questions about are problematic for many people, it doesn't go as far in the direction of "*really* don't do that!" as I'd like. Something along the lines of "Being looked at like that makes me feel like someone in a freak show instead of an actual person." Just because I say that doesn't seem to be enough; I'm hoping to find enough voices for the consciousness-raising to take.

Thanks for your help on this.
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Re: Transgender etiquette primer?

Postby Sisyphus » Sat Apr 04, 2015 11:07 pm

I've run across a few but its been a while so most of them I forget. This one isn't really focused on non-binary, and its not a primer, but it is educational (and entertaining), especially when read from beginning to end: ... ender-girl
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