RADAR keys ? Any thoughts ?

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RADAR keys ? Any thoughts ?

Postby Amiko » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:02 pm

This is either a lightbulb moment or the nieve retreading of old ground by a noob but...
Has anyone got any thoughts on being given RADAR keys in the UK order to access disabled toilets, which are essentially gender neutral ?
I tried searching online on the subject but the internet fired back a lot of transphobic troll trash that made me feel quite Ill and I had to get off my computer. So I figured I'd ask here in a more friendly environment.
My basic thoughts are:-
1) Apparently 'disabled toilets' are currently being rebranded as 'accessible toilets' to take into account a wider user base.
2) Hassle free chance to pee!
3) Android app available to find the nearest lavvy.
4) Hassle free chance to pee!
5) Has there been work done, a campaign, questions asked previously ?
6) Hassle free chance to pee!

Any thoughts on this and / or hints as to where to look into getting a key ?
I know that forged copies can be bought but I'm thinking "If this is a good idea then I damn well want to get a key through the proper channels and assert my right to widdle in safety."
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Re: RADAR keys ? Any thoughts ?

Postby Amiko » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:12 am

Gah! I'm jumping the gun before I'm personally ready... I've got a lot of thinking to do about my own identity so I humbly leave the above as a random thought at the early stages of my own personal journey into all things gender. I'm sure some of you may understand a little of where I might be at... Having had a new and v. personal discovery, craving community and chomping at the bit politically... But needing to reflect more on my own. I think I need to perhaps go away and come back later when I know myself a bit better. Hope you understand. Much love.
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