New homepage, blog and activism forums at

If you’re reading this then you’ve no doubt noticed that as well as the long running wiki, now has a blog. If you look around the site, you’ll also find a new homepage and activism forums.

There’s still more work to do to skin the blog and forums to make them look a little more consistent with each other and the theme of the site, and it’s likely that there will be some ‘teething problems’ as we adjust to the new setup and decide how best to organise things, but hopefully it should now be easier than ever to get involved with and keep track of the resources and discussions being created here.

This blog will be used to post nonbinary-relevant original articles and also to link to, signal boost and correlate articles and resources hosted on the wiki and elsewhere on the web.

The forums should allow us to more easily talk about our work creating resources on the wiki, and to also share strategies, develop and publicise campaigns, and generally organise our efforts. They’re set up to pseudonymous with no requirement for using legal names, so there should be less need for secrecy than on sites like Facebook or Google+.

This site has always been intended to be community run, which is why a wiki structure was originally chosen. I hope that the forums and blog will also move over to group administration in the near future. I encourage you to join the forums, suggest blog content and give feedback on how the site is run.

  • Red Fox

    So what do you call an agender person who is feminine, but not to the point of dressing or appearing in that way?